Produces three quantile-quantile (Q-Q) plots, also called probability plots, based on three distributions (normal, lognormal and gamma distributions).

cenCompareQQ(x.var, cens.var, Yname = yname, printrslt = TRUE, ...)



The column of x (response variable) values plus detection limits


The column of indicators, where 1 (or TRUE) indicates a detection limit in the y.var column, and 0 (or FALSE) indicates a detected value in y.var.


Optional – input text in quotes to be used as the variable name on all plots. The default Yname is the name of the y.var input variable.


Logical TRUE/FALSE option of whether to print the best distribution in the console window, or not. Default is TRUE.


further graphical parameters (from par), such as srt, family and xpd.


Plots three Q-Q plots based on normal, lognormal and gamma distributions and prints the best-fit distribution.


Produces three Q-Q plots and reports which one has the highest Shapiro-Francia test statistic (W). The distribution with the highest W is the best fit of the three.


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#> Lognormal is a good fit