Plots a quantile-quantile (Q-Q) plot of censored data versus a fitted data distribution

cenQQ(x.var, cens.var, dist = "lnorm", Yname = yname)



The column of x (response variable) values plus detection limits


The column of indicators, where 1 (or TRUE) indicates a detection limit in the y.var column, and 0 (or FALSE) indicates a detected value in y.var.


One of three distributional shapes to fit to your data: lognormal (lnorm), normal (norm) or gamma (gamma).


Optional – input text in quotes to be used as the variable name on the Q-Q plot. The default is the Yname name of the y.var input variable.


A single Q-Q plot of data fitted by normal, lognormal or gamma distributions with Shapiro-Francia W value printed on plot.


Helsel, D.R., 2011. Statistics for Censored Environmental Data using Minitab and R, 2nd ed. John Wiley & Sons, USA, N.J.

Shapiro, S.S., Francia, R.S., 1972. An approximate analysis of variance test for normality. Journal of the American Statistical Association 67, 215–216.


# \donttest{ data(Brumbaugh) cenQQ(Brumbaugh$Hg,Brumbaugh$HgCen)
# User defined distribution cenQQ(Brumbaugh$Hg,Brumbaugh$HgCen,dist="gamma")
# }